Privacy policy.

Dear clients and users of,

As the protection of your privacy is important to us, we would like to inform you how your personal data is being processed in connection with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (GDPR). To help you understand how we process and use your data and who has access to it, we have prepared this Privacy Policy for you.

Who is the administrator of your personal data and how can you contact him?

The administrator of your personal data is the company FHS EA Football Czech s.r.o., ID: 287 41 862, with its registered office at Jankovcova 1569 / 2c, Holešovice, 170 00 Prague 7, which provides you with consigliere services on the basis of a concluded contract.

Processing of personal data on the web (legitimate interest)

In connection with the use of our website, we collect and process your personal data – specifically the IP address, information concerning the operating system and type of browser as well as the terminal device, as well as information concerning your activity on our Website, registered and stored through cookies. This personal data is then stored and processed.

We process personal data for the purpose of proper functioning of the website, user individualization of site content
and also to improve the comfort of their use.

If you do not agree with the use of cookies on your device, you can make the appropriate changes to your browser settings. However, this may limit the functionality of the website, including disabling access to some parts of the website. If you have not made the corresponding changes in your browser settings, cookies will be sent to you automatically from the moment you visit our website.

You can also delete cookies written on your device by clearing your search history. The scope of the data may be further limited by browsing our site in “anonymous” mode.

Processing of personal data of clients and business partners for the purpose of providing consigliere services (performance of the contract)

In order to provide our clients with consigliere services, we must process their personal data to the extent necessary. Some cases thus affect a special category of personal. For this purpose, we process personal data on the basis of the client’s consent, which follows directly from the contract and is necessary for the promotion and protection of his interests.

For the purposes of providing consigliere and other services, the personal data of our clients and third parties is processed. Such processing is necessary so that we can meet our contractual obligations, including the preparation of the necessary documentation.

In some countries, the processing of personal data may also take place in connection with the fulfillment of legal obligations or if the legal system of the given state allows it.

Sending a newsletter

Because we rely on a high standard of service to our clients, they have the opportunity to receive a new issue of our newsletter from us every month. I only send the newsletter if you provide your contact details (e-mail address) to one of our team members (regardless of whether via electronic communication or during a personal meeting). Sending the Newsletter is based on our legitimate interest, but if you no longer wish to receive it, please contact us and we will delete any of you from the database.

How long will we process your personal data?

Your personal data is processed for a maximum of the time necessary to fulfill the relevant purpose of processing, ie always at least for the duration of the concluded contract, the validity of the consent and then for the period
for which the Administrator is obliged or entitled to keep the data in accordance with generally binding legal regulations.

To whom is the data passed on?

We process and store the personal data you have provided to us mainly by ourselves. To the extent necessary, processors such as accounting and IT service providers also participate in the processing, solely on the basis of a contract for the processing of personal data.

What privacy rights do you have?

As a data subject, you have all rights under the GDPR, in particular:

  1. the right to information about the processing of their personal data;
  2. the right of access to your personal data;
  3. the right to request from the Administrator the correction, deletion, restriction of the processing of his personal data;
  4. the special right to object to the processing of your personal data;
  5. the right to obtain their personal data (for their portability); and
  6. the right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.