Real Estate Management


Why should you be interested in real estate management (apartment, house)?

Investment property: the purchase of an investment property (we are always happy to help the client with the purchase) is associated with the management of that property – whether it is the lease of the property itself, or communication with HOA (homeowners’ association), attendance at HOA meetings, communication with tenants, communication with real estate service agencies and regular inspections (e.g. gas boiler, electrical inspections, etc.), any other minor or major repairs

There are many things that need to be done in your property as well: the same list of services and responsibilities needs to be addressed for the property where you are staying, some are less important, some – such as regular inspections – are necessary

How can FHS EA help?

Personal experience: all members of FHS EA have personal experience with the purchase of various types of real estate, Lukáš used to work in a real estate agency that specializes in luxury real estate S&W, there he gained very exclusive know-how regarding purchase and subsequent rental of real estate

Communication with the HOA: personal attendance at HOA meetings, communication with the HOA chairman, relevant paperwork, annual statement

Communication with the tenant: communication between HOA and the tenant, communication with the tenant, processing of receivables, annual statement, paperwork and routine communication

Communication with service and inspection-providing companies: regular communication and monitoring of inspection deadlines (gas boilers, electrical and fire-safety inspections, inspections of gas equipment, etc.)

Why should you use FHS EA services?

Experience: all our team-members have considerable experience in the field and will always draw client’s attention to important things

High quality, better price: thanks to our long-term cooperation with service-providing companies and an international law firm, we provide high-quality services in both real estate management and legal field at the preferential price

Efficiency: we believe that everyone should spend their time effectively and focus primarily on their field – our services will save your time that you can instead invest in the development of your sports career


Price for our registered clients

The price includes the following expenses: communication with the HOA, communication with the tenant and communication with companies that provide service and regular inspections, registration of such data, paid rents and fees and registration of payments to HOA (the price may vary in the case of specific requirements, fees to the 3rd party are not included)

For non-standard services, the price can be adjusted individually to the satisfaction of our clients


FHS Exclusive agents

The exclusive services offered by concierge agency FHS Exclusive Agents are primarily intended for subscriber clients. For a subscription fee, which for example for the STANDARD package is only CZK 4800 per year, we will, among other things review the existing contract with the club or agent  free of charge, provide ad hoc verbal advice  on various issues related to our services and offer subscribers the opportunity to take advantage of discounts with our selected partners.

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