Social Media Management


Why should you be interested in social media management?

Sponsorship: being active on social media is one of the main aspects for obtaining a quality sponsorship agreement

Fan base: social media help you gain more fans

Investment: social media are a form of self-investment, the stronger your FB/ IG profile is the more the value of the your brand grows

Visibility: you can reach not only your target group but the general public as well

How can FHS EA help?

Graphic design: in the form of a posts or stories both on FB or IG, we will process a match preview or notifications of other important events

Profile analysis: we perform an analysis of your overall profile in cooperation with our partner, both the behaviour of current followers, the impact of existing posts on the audience, and the marketing potential

Recommendation: as a result of the analysis we provide you with a proposal for streamlining the profile based on predetermined parameters (increase in followers, marketing, information for fans, etc.)

Why should you use FHS EA services?

Flexibility: we react to everyday situation in no time

Complexity: we always treat each profile individually, provide A to Z service, match previews and other

Efficiency: we believe that everyone should spend their time effectively and focus primarily on their field – our services (market analysis, negotiation, communication) will save your time that you can instead invest in the development of your sports career


Price for our registered clients

The price includes the following: input analysis, recommendations, consultations, 4x graphics.

For non-standard services, the price can be adjusted individually to the satisfaction of our clients


FHS Exclusive agents

The exclusive services offered by concierge agency FHS Exclusive Agents are primarily intended for subscriber clients. For a subscription fee, which for example for the STANDARD package is only CZK 4800 per year, we will, among other things review the existing contract with the club or agent  free of charge, provide ad hoc verbal advice  on various issues related to our services and offer subscribers the opportunity to take advantage of discounts with our selected partners.

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