Why should you be interested in quality sponsorship?

Sports equipment: cooperation with a quality sports brand is mainly about the products it offers – you should firstly test the products and determine if you are satisfied with them and whether they allow you to perform at the highest possible level

Personal brand building: quality sponsorship is not only about you helping the sports brand, it is a mutual cooperation, where the personification of the brand with you as a professional athlete helps to develop your marketing potential and reputation

Financial aspect: in many cases the finances offered by a sports brand are a significant factor – however, it should be noted that the current trend is that only the best in their field receive money for brand promotion

How can FHS EA help?

Market analysis: we contact representatives of the leading sports brands on the market and ask for their offers, then we select and give you two best offers

Negotiating experience: we do our best to ensure that the client receives the most advantageous conditions

Legal service: we cooperate with an international law firm and can ensure the revision of the proposed sponsorship agreement and resolve any possible amendments


Why should you use FHS EA services?

Independence: client’s profit is our goal, we always try to negotiate the best possible conditions and avoid compromise that suits others

Internationality: we have connections not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad – we can provide our sponsorship services virtually anywhere

Transparency: we are also ready to inform you about unpleasant news, unfortunately it is becoming more and more common in sponsorship that professional athletes with a low marketing potential are uninteresting for partners – we always communicate information to our clients at the beginning of cooperation so that we do not spend their money unnecessarily


Price for our registered clients

The price includes the following fees to 3rd parties: legal service (within the scope of one round of comments on the proposed agreement)

For non-standard services, the price can be adjusted individually to the satisfaction of our clients


FHS Exclusive agents

The exclusive services offered by concierge agency FHS Exclusive Agents are primarily intended for subscriber clients. For a subscription fee, which for example for the STANDARD package is only CZK 4800 per year, we will, among other things review the existing contract with the club or agent  free of charge, provide ad hoc verbal advice  on various issues related to our services and offer subscribers the opportunity to take advantage of discounts with our selected partners.

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